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Sunday, 14 October 2012

FREE Boo-ligans Bag Toppers - tutorial.

Well, 2 spider cookies down and 3rd child doesn't like them so I enjoyed one while having a cuppa!

Thought I would do a quick screen shop tutorial and show you how easy these  Little Boo-ligans Bag Toppers - Cut It's toppers are to cut out on your Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter or similar cutting machine.  The beauty of using a digital cutter is that you can resize the topper to what ever size you want.

How to Print & Cut Toppers with your Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter.

Import svg topper of your choice onto visual cutting mat in your Pazzles software.  

Select all and break the group.

Select the "green" topper - select outline.
In transformation box make your thickness 0.10, select outline and select tick.

You will have a thick red line as above.  Select the red thick line - open Colour Transformation box and select Brush : Null Colour Off, which should leave a thin red line, as below.

Select topper and resize topper using TRANSFORMATION menu.  Select WIDTH and choose your size.

Make your registration boxes and select - show printer page.

SAVE your work - turn printer on - select your topper only -  with your Colour Transformation box open select Null Pen - DO NOT SAVE!

Turn on printer - ensure BORDERLESS printing is OFF - print.
Follow the videos in the Pazzles Craftroom or Klo's classes for PRINT & CUT.
Please let me know how you get on following this tutorial, I would love to hear your comments.

Before you go and try these toppers take a look at some lovely, just released sets

If you would like to learn more about the Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter  please click the image below and be inspired!

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