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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Egg Shaped Goodie Holder

Well what a weekend! The weather is glorious in England at the moment and great for gardening. Yesterday, Hubby suggested that he would cut the grass but I said no, lets start cutting back the shrubs and clean the patio (famous last words).

Please do not continue to read if you are squeamish.....

So, my job was to de-weed the patio and hubby to cut back the shubs. It was all going well when I heard a scream for help from my husband round the corner. There he was on the floor clutching a very bent arm!!!

I called the kids off the trampoline, grabbed my phone, bottle of water and piled everyone off to hospital. I am getting used to limbs being broken in my family (4 so far!), so we get to hospital quite swiftly. However, hubby has lots of metal pins in his arm due to a previous break a couple of years ago. The pins did the job but the breakage was just beyond the pins!!! He is now awaiting surgery for a rather complicated re-build. Poor him, dosed on painkillers waiting for 'the phone call'.

I now regret putting him off cutting the grass (it would have less dangerous with hindsight), and yes, he jokingly says "it's all my fault".

Anyway, this morning at the supermarket the kids couldn't resist buying Easter Eggs and I couldn't wait to get back home to make this Egg Shaped Goodie Holder from The Cutting Cafe.

I cut the Egg Shaped Goodie Holder on my Pazzles Inspiration (easy peasy) then then adhered the oval shape in the centre.

I used the EASTER MINI WORDS......PRINTABLE STAMPS which are perfect for tags of which there are a total of 37 mini words!

I placed all the eggs in a cello bag and tied a bow with one of my favourite ribbons. I promised the kids they could eat them when photographed!!

Right off to give the hubby some TLC!!


  1. OMG OMG. Poor guy. Yes go give him lots of TLC. okay this little goody bag has your cuteness written all over it. Your amazing. Hugs

  2. This is `delicious`
    Ouuuchhh ..hope your hubbie feels better soon :)

  3. So gorgeous Joanna.

    Hugs Riet.xx