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Monday, 7 January 2013

How to make magnets using Epoxy Stickers.

I have been playing with the Cut Flower 2013 Calendar again by Sheri McCulley available at LD.  I do so love her designs.

The circle shapes of the front cover of the printable calendar gave me the inspiration to make these magnets!

I simple imported my 1st page from  Cut Flower 2013 Calendar into my Pazzles software using the .jpeg option.  I then selected a circle in the tool bars and made my circle 1.1 inches using the CONDENSE feature in the Transformation menu (that is width 1.1" and height 1.1").  I have made my circle slightly larger that the 1" circle punch to make it easier to punch out the design accurately.

Then overlay the circle on top of the 1st page of the calendar and reduce the size of the calendar (front cover) to best fit the circle by dragging in one of the corners.

Resize until you are happy with the best fit.  
Then move the circle out of the way and print from your software to your printer - FILE - PRINT. 

Now you are ready to start to make your magnets.

Printed sheet of Cut Flower 2013 Calendar
 Epoxy Stickers or Glass Domes
 Circle Magnets
 1" circle punch

Guillotine the edges of your paper punch so that you can get your circle punch in the centre of your printed images.

Punch out using a 1" circle punch.  
Dependant on the size of your printout, the circles may be bigger or smaller and therefore adjust the size of the punch to suit.  If you haven't got the correct size punch you could use your metal dies.

Keep punching out all the circles.

Adhere Epoxy Sticker to the front of each of the punched out printed circle designs.

Adhere a magnet to the back of each of the designs.

Stick on your fridge and make your shopping list more attractive!

Of course you could also try to Print & Cut this project out but as  it's the weekend and the kids are around so, I didn't want to spend too much time in my Craft Room!

I have so many ideas spinning in my head for these - make your circles larger and decorate glass coasters.

What would you do?

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Have fun :)