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Sunday 4 November 2012

Print and Cut Tutorial - Pazzles Inspiration

After many enquiries I have just completed a Print & Cut Tutorial with my Pazzles Inspiration and Studio Pro Software using a graphics file from 

It has taken me several hours to make this today and, I have a lot to learn about making videos so, please bare with me as I learn.

Please leave a comment on this blog post as I would love to have some feedback on this video when you have watched it.

Please remember there are Print & Cut tutorials in the Pazzles Craftroom and several by Klo.

Now to PREPARE your CUT!

Lay your printed sheet in the TOP/RIGHT HAND corner of your mat carefully aligning the horizontal and vertical rules on your mat.

In your software you need to select the whole page, that is your owl and registration boxes.  Select 'C' on your keyboard and open up the transformation menu and select 'P' for position.  Select the correct 'According to' which tells you you need to have the top/right corner of your printed paper matching the top/right hand corner of your visual mat in your software.  Type in the  XPos. 21 and YPos. 29.7 then apply.  

On APPLY you should see everything shift to the top/right hand corner of your visual mat.

If you have got this far you are doing really well! Not long to go......

Using the directional keys at the top of your cutting machine, you need to manually move your blade to exactly the top right hand corner of your first registration box. When you think you are there just press down on the top of your blade housing and see the sharp end of the blade touch the top/right hand corner of the 1st registration box (the black box in my tutorial).

Select the black box in your CUT CONTROL PANEL

Then select CUT.
The blade should cut exactly around the 1st (black) registration box.

 If it is slightly out, move to the NEXT registration box which is the pink box. To get all the registration colours showing again in the Cut Control Panel select ALL COLOURS.

Then select the pink box in your cut menu - cut.  

If you are successful with your cut lines EXACTLY around the box you are ready to cut out your OWL pieces. If not, continue the same process with the other registration boxes.

After practise you will find you only need to test x2 of the boxes to get an exact match.

DO NOT remove the mat and DO NOT move your directional keys again.

Select the cut line around your owl in your software.

Cut out elements!

Looking good?

Cute owl!

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Incidentally, if you have a Pazzles Inspiration there is a great video tutorial

Using Cutting Files for Print and Cut Projects

 in the Pazzles Craft Room which will help you prepare the Registration Boxes for Print & Cut projects.

Many thanks, and have fun with cutting out graphics and svg's using Print & Cut.

Joanna xx

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Inspiration - Vue Print and Cut

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  1. Thank you Joanna! I need to sit down sometime and look at both of these videos! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make this!

  2. Joanna,
    This is a great video.... and a great refresher for me as I have not done print and cut for awhile now.... Thanks
    Charlene McCreight

  3. Fantastic job Joanna! I am so excited to do this with a certain tooth fairy project this afternoon. Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your comments. Please let me know if you think there is something that I need to change or improve on, in the video. Chinobilly Mamma I would love to see your tooth fairy project...please share. xx

  4. The video was wonderful, I never would have known it was a first effort if you hadn't told us. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I had gone thru Richard's screen shot tutorial but this really clarified the process for me. I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your ability to combine papers into such cute projects. I am somewhat pattern phobic, never sure what goes together and what doesn't, so your posts give me wonderful inspiration. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!!

  5. Thank you so much September for your lovely positive comment on my Print and Cut video tutorial. It did take a long time to make but if it has helped one person then I am happy!

  6. Thank you for the tutorial, I have a question for you- what paper do you find cuts the best on the machine? I find that the thinner grade paper really doesn't do well. Can you give me a brand name to buy. Thanks Dianna

    1. I use Core'dinations cardstock which cuts perfectly on my Pazzles. I generally use Kaisercraft, My Minds Eye, Docrafts, Stampin' Up patterned papers which have a bit of weight and cut like butter. If I am doing Print & Cut projects I use linen cardstock that I purchase from my local printer or Staples A4 text & graphics premium paper which keeps the vivid colours. I hope this helps answer your questions.