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Monday, 21 November 2011

How to use the Rosette SVG with your Pazzles Inspiration

Once you have purchased the Accordion Fold Rosettesdownloaded the entire file or saved an individual file to your computer you are ready to import your SVG into your Pazzles Inspiration software.

When you have opened up your Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro Software, select IMPORT - SVG.
You can import as many of the files you like onto your mat as I have done here.

In this screen shot below I have just selected one file. Select the Accordion Rosette and make sure it is GROUPED.   Now, I would like to change the size of the Accordion Rosette.  Select the Accordion Rosette and go to the TRANSFORMATION MENU found in  TOOLS - TRANSFORM - WIDTH (L).  Or you can select 'L' on your keyboard for a short cut to the Transformation Menu.  The width of the Accordion Rosette is 9.198 but I want to make it smaller.

WIDTH should be highlighted in the menu.  Change the 'W' (width) to 7" by typing in the number -DUPLICATE - APPLY.

Move the smaller Accordion Rosette to beneath the original one and you will see that it has reduced in size.
Now you can play about to your hearts content at making any size of 
Accordion Rosette any size you wish!

In the screen shot below I selected my original Accordion Rosette that I had imported onto my mat and checked it was GROUPED.  I then went to EDIT, - MULTIPLY OBJECT, on the menu bar and typed in the NUMBER OF COPIES I wanted (5 in this case) -  adjusted the DOWN spacing - SELECT the DOWN ARROW, then OK.

Using SVG's with your original Pazzles Inspiration software
"no problem"

If you have the original software for your Pazzles you will need to download a FREE program called INKSCAPE.  You can then open your SVG file in INKSCAPE and save as a .dxf file. Then import the .dxf file into your original Pazzles software.  Either way you can have fun with Lettering Delights .svg and cut-its files (just a few extra steps this way).

Cut your file out - fold the Accordion Rosette accordingly - glue the ends together - push down the middle of the rosette and glue the smaller circle onto the rosette to hold together.

What do you think of my 1st tutorial?  
Would you like to see more tutorials using Lettering Delights files with my 
Pazzles Inspiration?

I am no expect but this tutorial is the way I do it and as they say ......"it works for me!"
  I would love some feed back from Pazzle users but hope this helps other crafters who use similar software to the Pazzles Studio Pro, with their electronic die cutting machines.

Happy Pazzling!

Click here to get your Accordion Rosette SVG's

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