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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Inspiration Vue™ Die Cutting Machine - Coming Spring 2014

Inspiration Vue™ Die Cutting Machine, Optical Eye, Print & Cut

Last Wednesday, I introduced you to the Pazzles New Die Cutting Machine called the  Inspiration Vue™

It is all VERY EXCITING, but there are lots of questions that I, and many other crafter's wanted answering before we consider making a purchase. 

Q:What is Print And Cut?

Q: What is an optical eye?

Q:What is the price on the Inspiration Vue™?

Q:Will customers be able to purchase the Inspiration Vue™ at a reduced price with a Craft Room Subscription commitment?

Q:Are all of the existing Inspiration Tools compatible with the Inspiration Vue™?

Q: What are the new colors of the Inspiration Vue™?

Q:Will the new Mac compatible software be available for the original Inspiration?

Q:When will a video be available showing the new machine in action?

Q: If I purchased an original Inspiration with the Craft Room subscription and I am still under commitment, can I purchase an Inspiration Vue™?

 Of course Pazzles has answered these questions. If you click the following link (or above image) it will take you to those ANSWERS.

To be the first to know when new information is released, sign up for the NEWSLETTER found here in the following link, Inspiration Vue™  (or click the image below).


Joanna (jumping for joy!) 


  1. Delighted to read that the Mac software will be available for the original PI. Interested to hear how the craft room deal works and especially for those of us o/s:) thanks for keeping the news flowing.

  2. Where is the information for UK users please? Will we be able to purchase the new Vue?
    Thanks Joanna :-)