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Monday, 4 February 2013

Sweetheart Box - Valentine

I cut this little Sweeheart Box using my Pazzle Inspiration Creative Cutter......

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....and a file designed by Klo which comes in .wpc format.  It is available to download when you subscribe to the Pazzles Craft Room 

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Cut your box out and it should look like this on the cutting mat.

However, I made a slight alteration to the box.

I created an outline of the original heart, layered both on top of each other so I could cut out the middle to give emphasis to the heart cut out.  I backed the cut out with some acetate.

Screen shot showing two hearts layered on top of each other ready to cut the outline/shadow around the heart.

Apply glue to the heart outline.

Adhere to the front of the box.

Then adhere acetate with double sided tape to the back of the front panel so your treats don't fall out!

Adhere the box together using strong glue. 

With the double sided patterned paper I didn't feel I needed to add many embellishments to the box, except some twine and a paper flower.

I just had enough chocolates to fill the box as the kids kept saying "Mum, can I have one, they look nice".  So, now I am about to share the chocolates, equally amongst them and hope there is one left for myself!

Pazzles Craft Room has thousands of images, hundreds of videos, and one low price.

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Thank you for all your support to my lovely followers and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate everyone. 

Also, I would love to hear from you if you have learnt something new by one of the tips from my blog post, or what has inspired you to try and 
make something yourself.

Joanna x


  1. You picked the perfect paper to go with your heart theme. I love the dainty pattern. Very pretty box! Hope you got to enjoy some chocolate with your kids!