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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Monster's On Board! - Vinyl Car Stickers TUTORIAL

Wow, I am having such fun with the  Stringbeans Simple Shape Bundle released this week from Lettering Delights.

I thought I would have a go at cutting vinyl with my Pazzles Inspiration.  I am a bit slow on this accessory stuff and, I know a lot of people have mastered using vinyl with their cutting machines, but for those of you who haven't tried it, you should definitely have a go.

I don't know why I was afraid of it but seriously it is so easy!!!

 The Stringbeans Simple Shape Bundle come as Cut It's and are available in ai, dxf, eps, gsd, jpg, pdf and svg file formats.

Just add all 380 shapes to your collection for just $30! 

Purchased separately you’d spend over $100. 
This special pricing ends on Monday, July 2.

At first I imported the Monster Stringbeans onto my visual mat.  I typed in some text using a font already installed on my computer.

When I went to cut in my Pazzles I chose the weeding option shown by the dotted rectangle.

I bought my vinyl at my local hardware store (B&Q) as the UK supplier of Pazzles accessories does not seem to currently have stock of white and black vinyl!!!  So I am trying it out and seems to work great.

Once cut 1st time on the correct settings I carefully removed some of the pieces with my picking tool.

So far, looking great on my cutting mat!

Then I laid on my transfer tape and using my trusty Pazzles scraper (or credit card) I made sure that the transfer tape was adhered to my vinyl.

With great excitement I lay my transfer tape with vinyl adhered onto the back window of my car.

Again, I used my Pazzles scraper across the little monster!

Then, carefully I peeled back the transfer tape.  Incidentally I did this process with each monster separately as it was quite a large project.

Then, my son Matthew eagerly wanted to get involved as all was beginning to be revealed.

Am I missing something....why would my kids be embarrassed about this on the back of my car when I collect them from school! (moan, moan, moan!)

That's the beauty of vinyl, I can always take it off and replace with another one of their liking!

Well, as soon as I posted this blog post a TYPO was noticed!  
The beauty of vinyl is that I was able to gently peel back the vinyl, remove the apostrophe and move the 's' along to the left.  Done....phew!

Click here to get Stringbeans Simple Shape Bundle.

Click here to see latest released files at Lettering Delights.


  1. Fabulous.....I've never cut vinyl but I do want to make it look so easy...thanks for sharing sweetie you monsters are just adorable! ;) Hugs x

  2. So beautiful !!!! I have to try thissssss !!!

  3.'s so refreshing to see the words B&Q instead of Micheals and Joanne's.
    Could you tell me which it was please ive been eyeing up vinyl forever.
    Is it for outdoor use?
    Thanks for any help and that is seriously too cute.

    1. I posted a photos on my facebook page. I took a sponge and wiped over the sticker.....weeks later it is still there so, no problem for me as outdoor use. Visit B&Q and I think it should be what I call the "sticky backed plastic" section". It should be near the kitchen area as people use the patterned plastic for covering books and shelves. Good luck. Joanna xx

  4. Adorable! Where do you get the transfer tape??

    1. On this occasion I used the tape in my rhinestone pack but I am sure the cutting machine suppliers stock some.

  5. Beautiful and lovely activity it is.Creating car stickers of own, is itself a fun.Thanks for sharing such innovative mind thought with all.

  6. that was damm funny monsters on board brouhahahaha!!!!!like it....