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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Freebie Spooky Pinwheel Cut It Project!

Cut out this FREE Spooky Cut It Pinwheel for your kids this holiday. Not only fun, but also makes great party decorations and handouts!

If you have a cutting machine such as a Pazzles Inspiration,  which I use, this is a great opportunity to try for FREE a Lettering Delights product.

If you have the Studio Pro software just place your cardstock on the mat, once you have downloaded the file, import directly into your Pazzles software using the SVG option.  When you see the file placed on your visual mat you can resize the file to however big you want it and CUT! 

However, if you have the original software for your Pazzles you can still do this but you will have to open the file in a program such as Inkscape (which you can download for FREE) and save the file as a pdf .  Then import the file from your original software as a pdf file and CUT,  (same outcome but you need to take extra steps).

Yes, it is as simple as that and it's FREE!

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