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Friday, 20 May 2011

Thanks for following me...

Hooray, it worked!!!!

If you have followed me to my new home, thank you so much.

As you can see I have tweaked my blog ever so slightly but I am glad you are here to follow me again.


  1. Hi Joanna
    Your followers will have to follow you again on this site. Keep your other Blog address up to date for a while with the announcement that you have moved and that your followers need to follow you again. I'm sure your loyal followers will update and be back again very soon.

    When you are ready to move permanently from your other address you delete the address and then it takes two weeks for it to disappear completely from your Dashboard.

    Great to meet you last weekend and glad you managed to follow my instructions on how to update your address. Take care and hope to see you in class again sometime soon:-)

  2. Hi Joanna, well done on the move.
    Did you enjoy the Pazzles week-end? I was thinking about you all and wishing I was there.
    Claire xxx