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I have started to link up a few tutorials of projects I have made with my Pazzles Inspiration  using the Studio Pro software and more recently the Pazzles InVue software.  The InVue software makes it easy to create Print and Cut project using the special Print and Cut mat with registration marks.  If you would like to take a look at specifically my Print and Cut projects please type 'Print and Cut' into the search gadget on the right hand side of my blog.

The following are just tutorials of how I make my projects.  There may be several way on how to achieve the same look, but this is how I go about my projects!

From one crafter to another, I hope these basic tutorials help you when you use your electronic die cutting machine (the Pazzles in my case) with Lettering Delights.

If you would like any further advise or have any suggestions on any tutorial you would like when making  projects using Lettering Delights files please use the contact form and I will do my best to help.

Have fun!

Joanna xx

How to make a quick printable Pen Holder.

How to make an oval flat bottomed card base.

How to make a printable word wrap.

Using vinyl for sentiments

Using Digital Papers with your Cutting Machine.

Using Digital Papers with your cutting machine

How to make Halloween Tea Light holders with Vinyl

How to Print & Cut using Auto Trace

Print & Cut - Tree in Bloom

Print and Cut Video Tutorial - Pazzles

Print & Cut Video Tutorial - Pazzles

How to Print using svg's

How to make a gift bag with digital papers.

How to print a border using an svg file onto your gift bag.

Heart Banner - Print & Cut

How to make an outline/shadow around a window shape with Sweetheart Box

How to make an Easter Egg Easel Shaped Card

How to make the Nancy Kubo - Shaped Card

How to make simple 'Thank you cards'
using Cut It's from Lettering Delights
with the WELD function.

Photo provided by Lettering Delights.
How to make a fun Photo Ornament 
with your Pazzles Inspiration.

How to make a Paper Wreath 
with your electronic die cutting machine.

How to use an SVG
with your Pazzles Inspiration

How to make a shaped card using an SVG
with your Pazzles Inspiration


  1. I'm looking forward to your Pazzles tutors! I recently bought a Pazzles, and am looking for great glad I found your site!
    My question is, will you be adding .WPC files?

    I do not currently have the Pro software, and can't import SVG's...:( I bought some of your graphics, with SVG files, and haven't yet been able to use them...but I'm new, so maybe I just haven't found the way, just yet.

    Thanks for such lovely graphics! :)

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for your lovely comment. I have a surprise for CAN use SVG's with your original software. Just go to my LETTERING DELIGHTS PAGE at the top of my blog and see if it works for you. I would love to have some feedback if the information is clear enough for you. Please tell your friends about my blog and FACEBOOK PAGE

      Many thanks.


  2. Thank you Joanna!
    I'm so in love with your site! I spend way too much time looking...and when I can finally use my Pazzles more efficiently, this will be my first 'go~to' site for graphics!

    I'm still working on trying to get a SVG to import into the Pazzles software, I was hoping it would just import in, and not need to be messed with. I'm new, and have so much to I just don't think I'm ready for the Pro software, just yet, and wanted to be able to use SVG's. I'll keep checking into it!

    I'm also signed up with your LD page, and have love 'shopping' around...looking at all the 'new~2~me' stuff! I'll definitely have to figure out how to use SVG's! :)

    Thanks for the help,

  3. Thanks, I hope the instruction were helpful. Let me know if you get stuck. I can't seem to find any e-mail contact details for you? You can always use my contact page to fire questions to me in the future.

  4. Thank you Joanna...I'm still working on trying to use SVG I'll use your contact page if I can't figure it out...I signed up for your blog newsletters, 'Liked' and share, your Facebook page, and have an account on your Lettering Delights site, as well...not stalking...;)...just 'love 2 cut paper' too! :))
    (on Facebook, I'm Sandy Kiser-Jauregui)