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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Tea Light Holders


I thought I better post this today otherwise Halloween will soon be over.  I made this weeks ago using my Pazzles Inspiration cutting machine and then completely forgot to post it!  So here goes.

I bought these wooden Tea Light Holders recently and thought I would have a go at decorating them.  I discarded the NOEL wooden letters and have saved them for a future project.

I painted the the wooden boxes using black paint. As I am just starting out at painting wooden items, I do not want to spend a ton of money on specialised paints so, I bought some tester pots of paints from my DIY store, in order that I can experiment.  I like to cover a kitchen plate with foil for my paint palette and then I can just unravel the foil and toss it in the bin when I am finished.  I used a cheap sponge from my local store which I cut up into a manageable size.

I also like to wear disposable gloves for my painting project to reduce the mess!  Basically, dab or wipe the black paint using the sponge all over the wooden Tea Light Holders.

Whilst the wooden items are drying I started to measure my holder.  Using my Pazzles software I drew a box the exact size of the holder.  I then selected in-line which gave me a smaller square for my paper cuts.

Using my Pazzles Inspiration cutting machine enabled me to very quickly cut out 12 squares of patterned paper ready for me to decorate the Tea Light Holders.

I used my double sided tape to adhere the paper to my box, but for a longer lasting hold you may want to use glue.

I distressed the edges of each of the patterned squares.

Then, I cut out the vinyl lettering and pumpkin shape and adhered them onto my boxes.

I weeded the shapes and used my tool to remove the vinyl.

In the above photo I have laid a piece of contact paper over the vinyl and used my Pazzles tool to ensure a good adhesion.

I simply used the contact paper to transfer the vinyl cut outs onto each of the wooden Tea Light Holders.

After, I had taken the photo I decided to sand down the edges of the the black boxes to give more definition, so you will have to use your imagination!

I then placed the battery Tea Lights into the wooden holders.

Supplies for this project
Wooden Tea Light Holders - The Mulberry Bush
Black Vinyl
Patterned Papers
Battery Tea Lights
Pumpkin Cutting File - Pazzles Craft Room (svg & wpc file format)
Electronic Die Cuttiing Machine - Pazzles Inspiration

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  1. Love your Halloween Tea Holder great job, Thanks for sharing How To's,

  2. Super cute tea light holders, they will be perfect for Halloween! BIF

  3. Fun decoration! I see many variations :). TFS from BIF

  4. You know, I used to have a distresser...and it's MIA...for some time now! BIF hugs!

  5. This was a cool project, think I will try to do something like that too. :)

    Hugs from Linda